Reduce your body fat with these daily exercises!

A healthy and fit body requires sincerity, dedication and hard work. No one gets the 100% result in just one day even if he or she regularly hits the gym. It requires constant run and sweat. There are various strategies by which you can get biggest benefits out of the regular gym workouts. There are certain exercises, if a person with fatty parts, does on a regular basis, then this defect can be reduced and can be eventually brought down to zero.

It’s easy to reduce the fats in the other parts of the body but it’s kind of difficult to reduce the fats that are accumulated in the arms. The growing age of the human body is also one major reason for the flabby arms. As a person grows older, the amount of fat accumulation in body might increase.

Regular workout and strict healthy diet can reduce such consequences and can control body fats. The decreased metabolism in the body is also one major factor for the increased fat. There are simple and effective ways to reduce the entire body fat.

Lifting weights

Lift weights as much as you can. When you just do cardio, you are sabotaging yourself. Resistance training will build muscle to increase the body metabolism rate. When you spend 20 minutes of your day for weight training, you will gain less abdominal fat and also it will help to keep your body in shape.


Lateral plank walk will help in melting the fats that are accumulated in several areas of body. It helps in toning the muscles and contributes the overall shape of the body. It is one of the painful exercises but brings out the best results in less time provided. Practice 1-minute plank daily in order to burn the unwanted fats.

Push ups

Push-up is mainly for biceps, triceps and the pelvic muscles. Here the body weight plays a major role which helps you to break down the stubborn fat in the body. It will bring a major effect on the triceps.

Thigh and butt muscles workout

This can be done by stretching your left leg and right arm in a straight line and then slowly bend them and then touch the right elbow to your left knee. You can straighten up again and change the arm and continue the same exercise. The benefit of this workout is that it can help in strengthening the hip-bending muscles and is good for shaping your buttocks as well as shaping your waist.

Waist workout

In this workout you can lie down with your arms bent at the elbow and placed beneath your head and then lift up your body as much as you can. Continue this for one second and then get back to the initial position. This will help to strengthen the spines.


This exercise is like sitting on an imaginary chair. You need to place the feet shoulder width apart and then stand on the whole foot. Your back must be kept straight throughout and maintain the balance by raising the arms in front of you. This exercise will make the muscles of buttocks strong along with thighs as well as ankles.

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